Be a Garena Shells retailer now!




Why sell Garena Shells?
Garena Philippines Inc. is among the top local game publishers in the country, operating hit titles like the world's #1 PC online game League of Legends, and recently re-launched the fast-rising PointBlank Revolution.  

Garena Shells is the universal currency for ALL Garena games.  

For every retailers, this is a great way to have additional income.  For cyber cafes,  selling Garena Shells offer more value and convenience for your customers who patronizes Garena games.  Based on study, we found out that players who top-up in-game become more "loyal" and this directly benefits cafe as well because the player will spend more hours of playing in your cafe.  

Who can be Garena Shells retailers?
Anyone can be a retailer - cafe owner, entrepreneur, student, etc. 

You will need a small start-up capital amounting to a few thousand Pesos.  This capital is needed for you to purchase from Garena or its distributors your first batch inventory of Garena Shells that you will eventually sell.  

How can I apply?

1) Click on the "Apply Here" button found on the top right and bottom right portion of this page.
2) Fill up the form completely and accurately, then click on "Submit" once done.
3) Your application will be reviewed by our channels team and we shall get in touch with you soon.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Garena Shells retailer and more importantly thank you for your continuous support and patronage to Garena.